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  3. Japan’s Largest Cosplay Event in Osaka’s Nipponbashi Shopping District, the Mecca of Otaku!

Japan’s Largest Cosplay Event in Osaka’s Nipponbashi Shopping District, the Mecca of Otaku!

Nipponbashi Street Fair

Saturday, March 9, 2019
12:00-15:00, Sakaisuji Venue
10:00-18:00, Ota Road Venue

# Information for Cosplay participants
# Information for photographers/videographers
# Event information
# France-Japan Pop Culture Project
# Official guidebook (Japanese)
# Event Venues MAP (Japanese)
# 500 shops converge! The Mecca of Otaku!! “Nipponbashi Shopping District MAP”

Visitor Information

Location map

We provide venue information in English, Chinese, etc., exchange foreign currencies, and provide maps in foreign languages. If you have any question, please ask Visitor Information.

Information for Cosplay participants

Cosplayers participating in the Cosplay fair and photographers/videographers must always wear the “Cosplay Participation Certificate” during the event.

Shops that sell the Cosplay Participation Certificate

Cosplayers and photographers/videographers during the Cosplay Fair must agree to the Rules of Cosplay Participation and the Rules of Photography.
* Please note that all purchases are final, non-refundable, and non-exchangeable. Certificates lost or stolen shall not be reissued.
* The participation fee shall not be refunded in the event the fair is canceled due to reasons, i.e., earthquake, wind and flood damage, snow, incidents, accidents, epidemic, and so on not attributable to the Organizer.

Rules of Cosplay Fair Participation at Nipponbashi Cosplay Fair

* Be sure to read the rules and agree to them before taking part.

While the etiquette and morals have come under question as the number of visitors to the event has increased year by year, the rules are here to prove that cosplayers and photographers/videographers are participating in the fair in full consent of the Rules of Cosplay Fair Participation. Thank you for your cooperation in running a safe event for everyone to enjoy.
Cosplayers participating in photography/videography and photographers/videographers must always wear the “Cosplay Participation Certificate” where visible during the event.


No photography in front of shops, private properties, and streets as it may inconvenience others.
Be mindful of the following so that everyone can participate with a peace of mind.
1. Compensation must be paid to any intentional damage to property.
2. No legally banned items (genuine swords, blunt weapons, obscene materials).
3. Do not eat, drink or smoke outside of designated areas.
4. No verbal abuse that may cause a nuisance to others or activities that may offend other participants (loud verbal abuse towards others, making a speech, etc.)
The event attracts many visitors, so be vigilant of your own safety to prevent becoming a victim of theft and crime. If you fall victim to a crime or become a witness to one, please report to the Operations Office or a member of the patrolling staff.
Do not advertise, sell, conduct strongly political publicity, and take surveys using flyers and handheld signs in the venues without prior approval.
Do not make noise, sing in chorus, play musical instruments, or rev the engine of motor vehicles.
Children under elementary school age may not attend the fair alone. They must be accompanied by responsible adults.
No loitering in and around residential buildings, public toilets, in front of shops or anywhere that may affect business operations, and changing room areas.
Do not bring in, operate and fly drones or unmanned aircraft in the venues and the surrounding streets.
Follow the instructions given by the staff for a smooth operation of the event.


Please change into your costume in the official changing room and go through a costume inspection. Do not change costumes or apply makeup and wigs outside of the official changing room.
Do not wear costumes which emphasize the chest and buttocks and revealing outfits, engage in behaviors which prompt people to photograph from a low angle and behaviors that disturb public order.
Be mindful not to wear anything too revealing to prevent camera voyeurism and crime.
Do not arrive or leave the venues in a condition that is generally regarded as cosplay. Be sure to go through a costume check after changing in one of the official changing rooms.
Do not bring in hazardous materials and anything that violates the Firearms and Swords Control Law. Be sure to take the ammunition out of electric airsoft guns, gas guns, and airsoft guns and keep the safety lock on.
Do not trim wigs at the venues.

Rules on Costumes

The states of costumes deemed as too revealing are: ①Not wearing underwear. ②The whole or part of the genital area is visible. ③The underwear is visible ④Most of the bikini or B-holder is visible (an outerwear must be worn during transit and filming) ⑤The underwear, bikini or B-holder is visible through clothing ⑥Leggings or drawers are not worn under a short costume ⑦Being topless with body paint, even in the case of men ⑧Not wearing a thick pantyhose (opaque) under a costume such as short bottoms, swimwear, shorts/bloomers, and so on.
If wearing a long item or costume which may cause harm to others: “Don’t swing it” “Keep it close to you” “Make sure it doesn’t hurt if it touches anyone” “Make sure it’s in a safe condition” “Pay attention to others around you when moving”
Do not use anything that may soil the venues, including sticky substances, wet paint, and stage blood, anything that emits intense light, and anything that produces unusual odor.
Do not wear costumes associated with occupations that bear special responsibilities by law as doing so may be in breach of the Minor Offense Act.


The changing rooms are open between 10:00 and 17:30. Be sure to change sooner than later as the rooms will be busy before closing. (The changing rooms and cloakrooms will close at 17:30.)
Do not use electrical appliances that generate heat, i.e., hairdryer, hair iron, even if they are battery-operated.
Do not use sprays as they may cause accidents.
Be mindful not to soil the changing rooms when using pigments and paints.
No photography in the changing rooms under any circumstances.
Change quickly as many people will use the rooms. When inside the changing rooms, do not exchange business cards, wait for someone or chat after changing.
The organizer shall not be responsible for any theft that occurs in the changing rooms or the cloakrooms. Be vigilant for your own safety. Do not leave valuables in the cloakroom.
After changing, do not standby or wait for someone outside the changing rooms.

Where to find the official changing rooms

Information for photographers/videographers

Participation fee, 2,000 yen

Photographers/videographers participating in the Cosplay Fair must always wear the “Cosplay Fair Photographer Certificate” during the event.
Shops that sell the “Cosplay Fair Photographer Certificate”

Rules of Participation as Photographer/Videographer at the Nipponbashi Cosplay Fair

Photographers/videographers participating in the Cosplay Fair must always wear the “Cosplay Fair Photographer Certificate” where visible during the event.


Be sure to get the consent of the cosplayer before photographing. The management may check the content of photography if it deems the subject was unaware of being filmed.
Do not stay in one area for a prolonged period as doing so will be deemed an unfair occupation of the venue. A member of staff may approach to give advice.
Do not engage in photography that may hinder traffic, be it on sidewalks or roads. The management may ask to discontinue photography if it deems the crowd, baggage, and or equipment is blocking traffic. In such a case, discontinue immediately and disperse.
In the event of a discovery of any of the cases set out below, the management shall take measures, including the checking of photographic data and reporting to the police, regardless of the subject’s consent or awareness.
Photography from an extremely low angle.
The lens is positioned to photograph the subject’s upper thighs or up the skirt.
The focus of photography is on the chest or buttocks area.
Be sure to get the consent of the subject when publishing the image online or in magazines.
Be sure to get the consent of the subject when filming or streaming.

List of shops selling the Participation Certificate

Certificates are not sold in the changing rooms!!

Animate Osaka Nipponbashi
Nipponbashi Information Center
Assist Wig Osaka Nipponbashi
Swallowtail Nipponbashi Ota Road
Gee Store Osaka
Jungle Main Store
Gamers Namba
Super Kids Land Main Store
Super Kids Land Character House
Disc Pier Nipponbashi
An-3 Nankai Namba Galleria (outside North Ticket Barriers, 3F)
An-3 Nankai Namba Station Chuo branch (outside Central Ticket Barriers, 2F)

Event Information

# Opening Ceremony
# Cosplay & Character Parade
# Roadside Event

Event Venues MAP (Japanese)

Opening Ceremony (12:00-12:15)

This year’s event will see special guests; the winner of Europe’s largest cosplay contest hosted by the France-Japan Pop Culture Project, and KAMIJO, the project ambassador!

Cosplay & Character Parade

Cosplayers will parade down the main street (Sakaisuji.)

ATTENTION: When viewing the opening ceremony and the parade

The opening ceremony area where the parade will set out will be very congested, but do not push.
Pausing to watch will not be allowed in some areas at the starting point of the parade. Follow the instructions given by the security personnel and do not stop in those areas.
The traffic is controlled for a limited period. To let the parade run smoothly, refrain from asking the participants to pose.
Do not loiter near the finishing line of the parade as it will become very congested, and follow the instructions given by the security personnel. Thank you for your cooperation in running the event safely and smoothly!

France-Japan Pop Culture Project

The Nipponbashi Street Fair promotes the France-Japan Pop Culture Exchange Project in association with Europe’s largest festival of Japanese culture, JapanExpo, to deepen the friendship with France which very much appreciates Japan’s pop culture, including manga, anime, and music.
This year, we are inviting the winner of the Cosplay contest (ECG) held at JapanExpo in July 2018! We are promoting cultural and tourism exchange through interactions such as Japan’s cosplay at the Nipponbashi Street Fair.
KAMIJO, the vocalist of Versailles, will again serve as the project ambassador to appear at Nipponbashi Street Fair 2019 and participate in exchange programs with the invitees.

* Guest cosplayers and project ambassador KAMIJO (Versailles) will appear that the opening ceremony and parade.


Luiza / Germia / Ketrin / Ali

Project Ambassador KAMIJO of Versailles

Official website : https://chateau-agency.com/kamijo/
Official Twitter account : https://twitter.com/kamijoofficial
Official Facebook account : https://ja-jp.facebook.com/KamijoOfficial/